Welcome to the Kensington and Chelsea Fairtrade Campaign Site

We are campaigning in the borough to promote awareness of Fairtrade, and sales of products so that producers across the world can earn a better deal from trade, and work towards a sustainable future.

There are over 454 towns across the UK, including most of London's Boroughs, running local Fairtrade campaigns. Together we can make a massive difference - helping small farmers and workers to improve their communities, run better businesses and give their kids more opportunities in life.

We need to meet 5 goals to succeed in our campaign:
1. Win the support of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, including a motion in the council
2. Reach our target for shops and cafes selling and serving Fairtrade products
3. Reach out to the wider community and win their support (eg schools, faith groups, local businesses, social groups etc)
4. Provide evidence of active campaigning eg. website, shopping directory, media coverage, event organisation
5. Establish a steering group to oversee the campaign, including a council rep and other community groups.

Please join us!

5 February 2012

Will K&C Take A Step for Fairtrade in 2012?

A small, but growing band of local residents are determined to make 2012 the year we get things moving in Kensington and Chelsea borough.

Our Take A Step in 2012 campaign will kick off at Whole Foods Market on Sat 3 & 10 March 2012. With support from the lovely Ginny Kopacz in the Community Relations team at Whole Foods, we're holding 2 stalls from 11-4pm each day - to hand out information, stickers, delicious Fairtrade product samples, and also sign up people to help with our campaign.

Please do come down and show your support.

Can you help? We need volunteers for both days on our stall! Email us at if you can, or alternatively post to our Facebook page

3 October 2010

Come to Fairtrade London Campaign Workshops

Monday 1 November
3.30pm - 8.30pm
City Hall (GLA building) on South Bank, near London Bridge

A fantastic line up of speakers, and workshops and an opportunity to find out latest news of Fairtrade London campaign, what's going on in Boroughs across the capital, and network with other campaigners, get answers to your questions etc.

Registration is free - sign up at

If you are living in Kensington and Chelsea borough, please also join our Facebook group at

15 September 2010

Free tasting of Ubuntu Cola!

The Hammersmith & Fulham Fairtrade group will be offering free samples of Ubuntu cola to customers of Waitrose, Kensington High Street, on Saturday 25 September, 10.30am - 2.30pm.

Ubuntu cola is a 100% Fairtrade company, dedicated to sharing any profits with sugar producers in Malawi and Zambia. You can find out more about it at or you can follow Ubuntu on Facebook at!/UbuntuCola?ref=ts

If you can't make it on Saturday, but do shop at Waitrose, please do look out for Ubuntu which is usually on the lower shelves of the soft drinks section, retailing at 59p per can.

24 November 2009

Join our Facebook fan site

There is a new Facebook fan page for the newly established Kensington and Chelsea Fairtrade steering group. Mary Jean Newton from the group reckons that the Borough has already met the target for the number of cafes and shops selling Fairtrade products. So that's one of our five goals met. Just four to go!

We'd love more people to volunteer and help the campaign. To keep in touch with progress, or to offer your help, please leave us a message on the Facebook page! Thanks!

19 July 2008

Getting Started

In order to become a Fairtrade Borough we need to:

1. Set up a steering group, including members of local campaigners, community groups, businesses and the council to represent a range of interests across the Borough, and to oversee the campaign
2. Get Kensington and Chelsea council to pass a motion in support of the campaign, including offering Fairtrade products in its own offices, other buildings and meetings
3. Meet targets set by the Fairtrade Foundation for the number of shops and cafes in the Borough selling and serving Fairtrade products
4. Get a wide range of organisations and workplaces to commit to raising awareness of Fairtrade and offering/using Fairtrade products
5. Organise public events and information so that residents and workers/students in the Borough can find out more about Fairtrade